Statement of Purpose


My paintings are explorations of space and color relationships. Content becomes a consequence of this exploration. My process involves a building up and tearing away; creating and destroying. I let a layer of paint beneath the surface bare itself or let it remain partially veiled. The rich texture and sense of history is a consequence of this process.

In this latest series of paintings I use evocative color. Like the sense of smell, certain colors can take us back to a place in time. I meditate on a sensation of a memory and mix my palette to match that sensation. These loaded colors often bring a similar memory to the mind of the viewer.

Even with this use of evocative color, I still endeavor to stay connected with the painting itself, to let it take me on a journey, one that I have not been on before. I let it become something of its own, not necessarily a representation of something else.

Rosemary Allen 2018